What is SHIATSU?

This Japanese massage technique uses gentle pressure on the Meridians (energy pathways in Traditional Chinese Medicine).

How is it done?

As a mobile practitioner, I would go to your place and make space for the treatment. It is performed fully-clothed (wear something comfortable), and either sitting down or laying on the floor on futon or a few blankets and pillows.

What are the benefits?

It promotes calm, ground-ness and well-being, by bringing back the awareness to the body, as well as working on an energetic level in the meridians.

Can my needs be accommodated?

Should you have any contraindications, please make them known prior to the treatment. Working postures can be adapted and pressure would vary depending on the personal requirements.

Shiatsu appointments last 1 hour.
£70/3 sessions booked in advance, for three consecutive weeks.
Concessions available.
Community Exchange System payments may be possible.

To book your treatment, please get in touch.

Macrovioletics may refuse to treat you if you are intoxicated, due to the energies being disrupted.

Thank you and looking forward to meeting you!

-Currently accepting clients based in Magaluf until April 2019.