“Good or bad” are mere judgements and when they are applied to food it can be very damaging for people.

When someone says “I know this is bad but I am going to eat it anyway” a few things happen.

First, the blame is on the food as intrinsically harmful.

Second, the individual is putting him/herself down for making such a choice.

Third, he/she is trying to justify the actions to someone else, and be right (“I know what I’m doing, you don’t need to tell me off”). It is a defensive attitude.

And finally, the whole negativity and hopelessness of the choice, which does not seem like a happy one after all that analysis!

I can say this because I have seen myself in this situation many times and I know how it feels to me.

For many years I had a battle with food and opinions, trying to find the right thing to eat and to do. After studying enough out there, I realised there was another truth within that I had not paid enough attention to: The effects of food in myself.

As a child I was very misunderstood for various reasons, and the most challenging was my poor health, for no apparent reason. Other children were eating basically the same things around me and they did not seem to have any of my problems (or they had others I was not completely aware of).

In early years of my teenage search for answers, I heard wise words I was not ready to let in fully.

Each one is a seed and although we are all going to become plants of some sort, we are growing and blooming at our own pace..

The best thing I could ever learn was at the Macrobiotic School, where the classes were experiential and I got to understand that everyone is different and everyone gets affected by life in their own particular, original and special way.

“Good” foods are those which help you maintain your own health balance. “Bad” foods are those which throw you out of equilibrium.

With Macrobiotics I am learning what are the general effects of different foods and cooking styles, and how to match that to a health condition, so that it helps its improvement, creating harmony instead of more stress on the recovery.

The easy example is that of people who tend to feel cold all the time, even in the Summer. They cannot have good effects from Summery seasonal foods, which are “good” for others at that time. They need warming foods and cooking styles. The opposite goes for people who always feel an extra warmth and excessive sweating, even when it is not Summer. They need more cooling foods, even perhaps in Wintertime!

Macrobiotics aims to take into account the whole picture and offer a personalised experiential approach to eating, making it more harmonious for the body, encouraging conscious eating and creating a positive feeling around it.

Welcome to MacroVioletics! Looking forward to meeting you.

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BScBiology, PGCE, Macrobiotic Health Coach and Chef


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