Cancellation policy

Should a booking for a session involving cooking be cancelled, the payment would be refunded when 72 hour notice is given. Otherwise, the costs of food will be charged. For shiatsu and other consultation cancellations 48 hour notice is required, otherwise a fee will be charged still (10 pounds of room rental and administration costs).

No-show or last-minute cancellations (less than stated above) will result in the charge of the full fee. What you get from paying the full fee:

Instead of coaching or cooking:
you can get a complementary 20-30 minute health coaching chat over the phone/skype, scheduled to your convenience within Macrovioletics’ working hours.
Instead of shiatsu:
you can get a complementary session in one of the group classes. Alternatively, you may choose a coaching chat over the phone.

Late arrivals

Should anything happens that prevents MacroVioletics to be on time, the session will be designed around fitting the client’s needs, making up for the delay.

It is the client’s responsibility to be on time, although unforeseen circumstances are always acknowledged and MacroVioletics will offer support through the session, however it might not be extra time.

Health and Safety

For the cooking workshops it is recommended to wear tied hair, short nails (without nail polish if possible), closed shoes (no sandals) and an apron.

For the shiatsu sessions it is recommended to wear loose comfortable clothes that allow the bending of limbs effortlessly and without tightness.

MacroVioletics may refuse to enter or cook in seemingly hazardous households/kitchens.

It is the responsibility of the client to let MacroVioletics know about the food allergies and health conditions wished to be taken into account.

Medical Advice

The information, experiences and opinions displayed in this website are not a substitute for medical advice. MacroVioletics aims to offer choices and opportunities, seeing a General Practitioner can still allow making informed decisions. Please, consult the relevant specialist regarding any serious health condition.

Concessionary fees

Payment in Jacks may be accepted, please ask and explain your situation.


Please, contact violeta@macrovioletics.co.uk for further enquiries.