About Violeta

After pursuing a music career and halfway through a Biology degree, having explored vegetarianism since 2008, Violeta decided to join Macrobiotic cooking lessons in January 2011 with Sonia Oceransky, a student of Montse Bradford -whose seminar she would also attend. After a few months of noticing how her health condition was improving, she moved to the United Kingdom to continue her studies and joined the International Macrobiotic School in early 2012 as a volunteer, an experience which opened her mind and made her go back for another three occasions, as well as helping at the Macrobiotic Summer Gathering. Later that year she would finally join the First Year Course and she would travel back and forth from Swansea to Totnes every six weeks for the following three years.

Her passion is to be creative and to find a solution where there seems to be a challenge. With regard to food, she aims for simplicity, synergy and complementareity, which allowed her to work effectively even within a low variety of ingredients.

Since a very young age, she tried to write about and explain concepts with a natural teaching ability, which she has kept developing through two years of experience of PGCE teaching training.

From personal experience, she understands many issues that people may experience and has learned a non-judgmental compassionate approach in which she offers her knowledge and gifts but also allowing each individual make their own decisions, acknowledging their own master within themselves.